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 NURISCO was established to meet the increasing demands of Korean universities for high-quality medical and scientific editors. We offer a critical service on an exclusive basis to the leading Korean universities and medical colleges.
There is a real need in the professional scientific and medical communities of Korea for a greater ability to communicate in the English language. NURISCO is the answer to this need. We are a professional editorial service which can address the issues of language and meet the demands of professional presentation, and which can help to raise the standard of published Korean research work. Our extensive experience and solid working relationships with many of the most prestigious institutions and organizations in the peninsula are evidence of our ability to meet this need. The company searches out and employs qualified native English-speaking editors throughout the world using the global Internet communication platform. By participating in the global community we can meet and exceed the highest international standards in global English-language scientific communication.

It is our aim to present your work to the best of our ability, and to allow you and your institution to gain the recognition you deserve for your perseverance and dedication.

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