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esearch paper editing in Korea is usually a part-time job, but nevertheless the professional standards must remain. NURISCO maintains the highest standards in applicants in order to insure that the editors working with us intimately understand the work at hand. Our editors are interested in the work on an intellectual level and understand the scientific process well enough to be able to highlight obvious mistakes and to avoid inserting their own. With NURISCO you can be assured that the papers you receive will not only be grammatically correct but continue to represent the author's original thought.

 Editing a paper can be a difficult experience for any author. We hope that you will remember that our aim is to present your papers in the best light to your international professional community. Although it may be disappointing to see just how many corrections have been made, please keep in mind the following points:

These corrections are made for your benefit.
Our service is confidential.
We give details about every correction.
We make suggestions concerning style.
We will inform you when the manner or tone of your writing is likely to offend.
Our staff members respect your work.
We remove colloquialisms.
We make comments on a lack of clarity.
Our editors have a professional background that is related to own, and as such they will not create grammatically-perfect nonsense.
and we will correct the English.
NURISCO encourages its editors to use an editing style that is explanatory and will endeavor to show the reasons why alterations have been made at a glance. These are often accompanied by editor notes, which highlight particular problems and offer solutions.

NURISCO promises that any author who requires further explanation for any of the corrections on their work will be able to receive one at the earliest opportunity. We hope that the editing experience can also be a learning experience for all parties involved. Having a paper edited by NURISCO can actually improve your writing style.
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