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Editing is not an exact science; there are many ways to write almost anything. Even though a passage may be grammatically correct, there remain many potential problems of approach, impact, politeness, hidden double meanings, cogency, and overstatement, which are all facets of the main aim of writing and accurately conveying the intended meaning. At NURISCO we ensure that our editors have the experience and resources to cope with these and other issues.
Under normal circumstances, NURISCO aims to return edited documents within seven working days of submission. Work of a non-standard nature due to difficulty, size, or other issues may take longer. If this should occur, NURISCO will keep the client fully informed of the status of such work.
NURISCO manages editors as a standard practice to ensure that the nature of the work is matched with each editor's experience and qualifications. The majority of our editors hold higher degrees and/or experience in their respective fields.
NURISCO makes every effort to ensure that all commissioned work is edited correctly and quickly. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work we cannot issue a guarantee that work will be published. However, we do promise that we will significantly increase the number of successful publications made by your institution, as we continue to do for our long-standing clients. For institutional and corporate clients this may mean arranging specific meetings with authors to clarify issues which may arise during the editing process.
For individual submissions, payments should be made by on-line banking within seven days of receipt of the completed documents. Substantially-discounted rates are offered to contracted clients.Fees are charged on a fully inclusive basis, but under some circumstances a client may require some additional services that involve additional expenses and/or time. In such cases additional charges may be levied, but only with the prior agreement of the client.Occasionally, a client may re-submit a document for editing. This can be requested if there has been an oversight, or if the client made changes to the original document. In some cases an additional charge may be levied.Limitations of Liability: NURISCO’s liability is limited to the amount of the commissioned fee only.

We do not accept liability for cost or damages arising as a result of undertaking a commission, whether deemed to arise directly or indirectly as a result of action by NURISCO or of its employees
NURISCO treats submitted work as confidential, and under no circumstances will it be shown to a third party without the express permission of the client. Moreover, within the company, confidential information will only be made available on a need-to-know basis.
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